Friday, June 19, 2009

IT'S A .........

Sooooooooo We are going to have a boy!! We had our ultrasound on Wednesday and it was very exciting. We took Bailey so that she could see pictures of the baby and maybe understand things a little bit more, but what I didn't know is that she already understands a lot. Since the beginning she has wanted a baby sister. When we ask her she always says she wants the baby to be a girl, which I didn't think she really understood that either until the ultrasound. When we saw the picture we all said IT'S A BOY! Well Bailey busted into tears and was so upset. I asked her if she was sad it was a boy and she said YEAH with a big sobb afterwards. It was really funny. My mom had to take her out and luckily they had suckers there. So we are still working on it and trying to help her to be excited about a boy. I didn't think she really got it and I was mistaken. Two year olds sure understand alot don't they!!

Friday, June 5, 2009


We just ate the first strawberry out of our little garden! Okay this wasn't it, it was quite a bit smaller than this, but it was still really good. We have lots of green ones that are starting to change color. It is exciting to see things grow, especially when you plant it yourself. I saw Megan's blog about strawberries and I have to agree they are delicious and the best summer treat. I hope we get lots of them this year!