Wednesday, December 10, 2008


So my lovely weekend off after Thanksgiving was an eventful one. Paul and I thought we would enjoy a fun day shopping, but after Bailey spilled her smoothie all over her and the carseat (where we had to walk into Sears and buy a new pair of pants,) then peed out of her diaper and ruined those pants, we finally headed home!
We had a very busy day getting our Christmas tree as well as going to Veva's baby shower. Val gave us some yummy mini chocolate muffins which Paul decided to give to Bailey on our way home from a very busy long day. It was finally quiet back there so Paul and I both silently decided not to look in the back seat all the way home from Ogden. After we pulled in the garage we had to look. Bailey had eating both muffins and had then quickly fallen asleep with chocolate all over her face and body. We were laughing so hard I thought she was going to wake up, but nope. So Paul grabbed the camera. He quickly wiped her face off and put her in bed so as you can imagine she was quite a sight too when she woke up the next morning. What would we do with out chocolate??